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Elevate Your Wardrobe: Top Men's Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2023

As the crisp air of fall descends and winter's chill approaches, it's time to revamp your wardrobe with the latest tips and advice in men's fashion. The upcoming fall/winter season brings forth a dynamic blend of sophistication and style, perfect for elevating your business and dressy attire. Whether you're navigating the boardroom or attending formal gatherings, these top men's fashion trends for fall and winter 2023 will ensure you're impeccably dressed and ready to leave a lasting impression.

Ermanno Clothing's new arrivals showcase elegance and style in their textures, patterns, colours, and layers. With Ermanno's guidance and expertise, he has managed to steer his clients in a direction of bold transformation when entering the new season. Below you will find his favourite trends in fashion during the chillier months while still showcasing that European flair many desire in their wardrobe.


Double-Breasted Suits: The Power of Sartorial Sophistication

When it comes to making a statement in the business world, few options compare to the commanding presence of a double-breasted suit. This timeless style is making a strong comeback, offering an unparalleled blend of sartorial sophistication and confident flair. Pair it with a crisp dress shirt and polished wingtip shoes for a look that exudes power and poise.

Tombolini has mastered the timeless piece in their fall/winter collection. The double-breasted suit is so versatile that it can be paired with a more casual feel with a turtleneck, half-zip sweater, or more dressy with a bowtie or vest.

Turtleneck Under Suits: The Fusion of Warmth and Style

stylish man going skiing

Stay both warm and stylish by incorporating turtleneck sweaters under your suits. This trend not only keeps you cozy during chilly commutes but also adds a touch of suave charm to your formal attire. Opt for contrasting colors to create a visually appealing layered effect that showcases your attention to detail or find a monochromatic look that shows cohesive style.

Tombolini does a great job at both through their use of turtle necks in their fall/winter campaign. Although you would never waste a stylish outfit to go skiing (I'm not judging), something about a turtle neck screams a comfortable yet bold personality.

Monochromatic Attire: Understated Elegance in Full Spectrum

Stenströms fall/winter outfit

Embrace the power of monochromatic outfits by layering shades such as charcoal, navy, and burgundy. This approach exudes understated elegance and allows you to showcase your discerning taste in a cohesive and visually impactful manner. The resulting effect is both commanding and stylish, perfect for making a lasting impression.

Stenströms uses this style in their upcoming campaign. Using accessories and layers of different shades shows their determination to stand out in an organized yet bold approach. Here at Ermanno Clothing for Men, we take great pride in showing this boldness to our clients and having them find their wardrobe personality.

Wool Trousers: Warmth and Refined Style in One Package

Swap out traditional dress pants for wool trousers this season. Wool's natural warmth and texture provide a refined alternative that doesn't compromise on comfort. These trousers effortlessly balance style and practicality, ensuring you remain impeccably dressed while braving the cold weather.

Textured Ties: Adding Depth and Personality

Enhance your dress shirts and suits with textured ties, such as knit or silk options. Textured ties not only add depth to your ensemble but also offer a glimpse into your personality and style. Choose patterns and textures that resonate with your individuality while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Ermanno's clients have a love for DION 1967 which is a family-owned business supplying a wide assortment of ties ranging from traditional all the way to textured styles such as 100% wool or silk.

This timeless piece offers a little more casual flair due to its floppier build and can be dressed down to stay cozy yet stylish. Ermanno loves to pair his wool knit ties with darker pieces when it comes to his suits, dress shirts, and cardigans. One piece of advice, don't overdo it with the wool outfit, although it could be tempting this winter. Many folks might get autumn fever and start pairing with wool sweaters and suits but having different textures will add more style to your outfits while still embracing the colder weather.

Dressy Trench Coats: Functional Fashion for the Modern Gentleman

Combat winter's chill with dressy trench coats crafted from materials like wool or cashmere. These coats not only offer functional warmth but also exude a sense of refined style. Their versatility ensures you stay fashionably prepared for both business meetings and formal events.

Classic Wingtip Shoes: Timeless Elegance for Every Occasion

Lancio handcrafted shoes
Lancio wingtip shoes

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of classic wingtip shoes. These timeless footwear options effortlessly complement business and dressy attire, showcasing a blend of sophistication and traditional charm. Invest in quality wingtip shoes to elevate your look for years to come. We carry Lancio, an Italian shoemaking company that builds high quality. They have been providing amazing handcrafted footwear since 1976

Funky Socks: Infusing Personality into Your Ensemble

Marcoliani socks

Complete your ensemble with a carefully chosen pair of socks. This small addition provides the perfect opportunity to infuse personality and sophistication into your attire. Experiment with different colors and designs to showcase your attention to detail and elevate your overall look. Marcoliani does a great job at providing the ability to find your personality through socks. The countless textures and unique patterns allow even the most basic outfit to become elevated and enhanced to fit any mood/occasion.

The best thing about fun socks is their ability to show confidence in the person wearing them. As part of Ermanno's Groomsmen Experience, many clients choose fun patterns for their bridal party to showcase their personalities and excitement. Pairing with sneakers, dress shoes, or even Chelsea boots will have everyone looking at your feet instead of your eyes.

*All Marcoliani products are made in Italy, and using the best cotton, cashmere, and linen*


You are now ready to tackle the Fall/Winter season with your new wardrobe and fashion knowledge, now is the time to embrace these top men's fashion trends that seamlessly merge style and sophistication. Whether you're making a statement with monochromatic layering, commanding attention with double-breasted suits, or infusing personality with textured ties and socks, each trend allows you to curate an ensemble that leaves a lasting impression. Ermanno Clothing for Men presents a curated selection that embodies these trends, providing you with the tools to enhance your wardrobe and exude confidence in every setting. Elevate your style this season and conquer the world with your impeccable dress sense. If you are looking to have a more in-depth analysis of your wardrobe feel free to pop in anytime to say hi to Ermanno and help uncover your wardrobe desires.


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