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Pino Lerario, the creative director of the Tagliatore brand, continues to narrate the story of authenticity and values through the creation of Italian-made garments in the FW 21-22 collection. With meticulous attention, every design and production phase is closely followed, blending tradition and innovation to shape a cosmopolitan collection that echoes the reality of today. The proposals offer practical yet expressive garments, embodying elegance as a state of comfort and ease. The brand embraces the current context while preserving its unique and distinctive DNA. Coats adopt a broader, sometimes oversized silhouette, occasionally embracing a military-inspired rigor. Slim and sleek jackets remain true to Tagliatore's style. Fabrics like plain or checked wools, chenille, and bouclé are consistently present, and knitwear provides a more intimate dimension with the English rib maxi cardigan featuring braids, a shawl collar, and a belted waist, suitable for both outdoor and home wear. Trousers with drawstrings at the waist and melton fabric garments with raw cuts add variety. The entire collection revolves around the keywords of quality and attention to detail, from selecting premium materials to choosing precious buttons. Nothing is left to chance in this sensorial journey that celebrates softness and fluidity. The upcoming FW collection's chosen color is green, representing hope, expressed in various shades from the brightest tone to sage. Ocher, rust, clay red, as well as the timeless black and blue, captivate with the vibrant aesthetics that define Tagliatore.

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