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Our journey began in 1899 when August Stenström, a skilled Swedish tailor, became overwhelmed with orders due to his exceptional reputation as a shirt fashioner. The elegantly dressed men of Helsingborg sought his masterful creations, leading Stenström to establish a shirt factory to meet their sophisticated demands. Under his meticulous supervision, the factory produced a larger quantity of high-quality shirts. As time passed, Stenström's business thrived, and news of his garments spread far and wide. Even well-traveled and discerning sea captains who frequented the harbor of Helsingborg discovered and admired Stenström's creations. Unbeknownst to them, their preference for his elegant outfits as they returned to their home countries unknowingly propelled Stenström to become a global exporter. Today, Stenström remains internationally acclaimed for its impeccable quality. Utilizing only the finest fabrics and trims, we skillfully craft both classic and contemporary clothing. With a perfect fit and feel honed over 120 years of sustainable craftsmanship, Stenström's enduring reputation for excellence continues to thrive.

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