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Emanuel Berg

Emanuel Berg stands out in the fashion industry as a family-owned company, which adds a distinctiveness to its identity. Jarosław and Petra Berg-Szychułda, the owners, not only manage the company but personally oversee the selection of fabrics and the creation of collections. Their deep respect for the sartorial heritage, influenced by their passion for travel, combined with European manufacturing excellence, drives responsible development within the company. The dedication and hard work invested in the brand are evident in the impeccable quality and intelligent design showcased in all their shirt and blouse collections. While renowned for their ready-to-wear shirt collections, Emanuel Berg has also become an expert in made-to-measure garments due to their unique measuring techniques and manufacturing system. With over 200 locations, including Emanuel Berg showrooms, customers from around the world can experience the exceptional craftsmanship of their master tailors. This distinctive experience, coupled with high-quality products, is appreciated by both customers and partners within their international sales network. As a result, the company continues to grow steadily, both through physical stores and online platforms.

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