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ICOMAN distinguishes itself in the fashion industry by bucking the trend of outsourcing and instead focusing all its business processes in-house, ensuring complete control over the entire production process. The company has established significant partnerships with luxury international brands and is proudly located in the Martina Franca fashion district. Throughout generations, ICOMAN has diligently preserved and enhanced traditional techniques and tailoring practices. In 2007, the company embarked on a new venture by creating its own brand of trousers called Berwich. Inspired by the spirit of exploration, the project embraces the ethos of leaving, traveling, and discovering. The collection embodies the essence of "Made in Italy" with trousers that exude charm and reflect the cultural richness of the world. The brand's style is meticulously nurtured, driven by sparks of creativity that prioritize impeccable fits and the use of premium fabrics.

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